Analyze debug condition in template

novice3 sorryno at em.ail
Tue Oct 26 05:22:51 UTC 2021

Need advice:
Is it possible analyze "debug" condition in template, obtained 
from instantiation place?
Like we using __LINE__ ?

For example, i have template for logging:
void logf(string func = __FUNCTION__, int line = __LINE__, 
A...)(string fmt, A args)
     // here i want analyze, if debug == func
     // and writef conditionally
     writefln("%s:%d " ~ fmt, func, line, args);

And i want switch on logging for one function module1.func(),
then i declare in module1
debug = func1;  // enable logging for func1

void func1()
     logf("var1=%d", var1);

And i want to check in logf()() template: is debug condition 
equal function name, which instantiate logf() template.

Just advise me direction or proper keyword ...

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