Linker issues with struct postblit

Thomas Gregory charles.gregory940 at
Thu Oct 28 01:39:10 UTC 2021

I am a maintainer of the 
[dhtslib]( package and I 
have been running into issues with a new implementation of 
reference counting we are using.

Below is the implementation (which is basically our replacement 
for `RefCounted`).
/// Template struct that wraps an htslib
/// pointer and reference counts it and then
/// destroys with destroyFun when it goes
/// truly out of scope
struct SafeHtslibPtr(T, alias destroyFun)
if(!isPointer!T && isSomeFunction!destroyFun)
     @safe @nogc nothrow:

     /// data pointer
     T * ptr;
     /// reference counting
     shared int* refct;

     /// initialized?
     bool initialized;

     /// ctor that respects scope
     this(T * rawPtr) @trusted return scope
         this.ptr = rawPtr;
         this.refct = cast(shared int *) calloc(int.sizeof,1);
         (*this.refct) = 1;
         this.initialized = true;

     /// postblit that respects scope
     this(this) @trusted return scope
         if(initialized)atomicOp!"+="(*this.refct, 1);

     /// allow SafeHtslibPtr to be used as
     /// underlying ptr type
     alias getRef this;

     /// get underlying data pointer
     @property nothrow pure @nogc
     ref inout(T*) getRef() inout return
         return ptr;

     /// take ownership of underlying data pointer
     @property nothrow pure @nogc
     T* moveRef()
         T * ptr;
         move(this.getRef, ptr);
         return ptr;

     /// dtor that respects scope
     ~this() @trusted return scope

         if(!this.initialized) return;
         if(atomicOp!"-="(*this.refct, 1)) return;
             /// if destroy function return is void
             /// just destroy
             /// else if return is int
             /// destroy then check return value
             /// else don't compile
             static if(is(ReturnType!destroyFun == void))
             else static if(is(ReturnType!destroyFun == int))
                 auto err = destroyFun(this.ptr);
                 if(err != 0)
destroy/close "~T.stringof~" * data using function 
"~__traits(identifier, destroyFun));
                 static assert(0, "HtslibPtr doesn't recognize 
destroy function return type");
This can be used as such to reference count a pointer created 
from the c library [htslib]( 
as such:
/// bam1_t is a struct from c bindings
/// bam_destroy1 is a function to clean up a bam1_t *
/// that is created from the c bindings
alias Bam1 = SafeHtslibPtr!(bam1_t, bam_destroy1);
auto b = Bam1(bam_init1());

The issue presents with `SAMRecord`:
struct SAMRecord
     /// Backing SAM/BAM row record
     Bam1 b;

     /// Corresponding SAM/BAM header data
     SAMHeader h;

dhtslib itself builds fine on both dmd and ldc compilers but when 
it is used as a dependency it seems to have issues building on 
any compiler that is not ldc > v1.24.0:
_D39TypeInfo_S7dhtslib3sam6record9SAMRecord6__initZ: error: 
undefined reference to 
Though I only experience this when trying to create an array of 

One solution I have found is using `std.array.Appender` instead 
of arrays.
Another solution I have found is to define an explicit postblit 
for `SAMReader`:
     this.h = h;
     this.b = b;

Looking through ldc changelogs, the closest thing I could 
attribute this to is this change for ldc-1.25.0:
> - Struct TypeInfos are emitted into referencing object files 
> only, and special TypeInfo member functions into the owning 
> object file only. (#3491)

I suspect this is something to do with the alias'd function in 
`SafeHtslibPtr`. Is there something I should be doing differently?

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