curl error msg

frame frame86 at
Sun Feb 20 09:48:03 UTC 2022

On Saturday, 19 February 2022 at 13:12:32 UTC, MichaelBi wrote:
> when running the example in the on my windows, got 
> following msg:
> at std\net\curl.d(4239): Failed to load 
> curl, tried "libcurl.dll", "curl.dll"
> does it mean i don't have those dll files? thx.

A libcurl.dll comes with the installer. It can be found by your 
program if it's located in the same folder as the executable or 
if the %PATH% environment variable contains the directory where 
the installer puts the DLL in.

You may find this path in the environment variable but it has to 
match 32/64bit. If your 64bit program tries to load the 32bit 
variant it will fail to load.

It's likely that your %PATH% environment variable contains the 
32bit path (eg. for DMD `C:\install-dir\dmd2\windows\bin` but not 
the path to `\bin64`.

So you have to adjust the environment variable or copy the DLL 
from this path to your program executable.

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