Odd behaviour of std.range

Ali Çehreli acehreli at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 22 17:55:01 UTC 2022

On 2/22/22 09:25, frame wrote:

 > Well, I think it's ok for strings but it shouldn't do it for simple
 > arrays

string is a simple array as well just with immutable(char) as elements. 
It is just an alias:

   alias string = immutable(char)[];

 > where it's intentional that I want to process the character and
 > not a UTF-8 codepoint.

I understand how auto decoding can be bad but I doubt you need to 
process a char. char is a UTF-8 code unit, likely one of multiple bytes 
that represent a Unicode character; an information encoding byte, not 
the information. That code unit includes encoding bits that tell the 
decoder whether it is the first character or a continuation character. 
Not many programmer will ever need to write code to decode UTF-8.


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