Tips on TCP socket to postgresql middleware

eugene dee0xeed at
Thu Feb 24 11:38:43 UTC 2022

On Thursday, 24 February 2022 at 09:11:01 UTC, eugene wrote:
> In my case (I was working with REDIS KVS at the moment)
> exact scenario was as follows:
> * prog gets EPOLLOUT (write() won't block)
> * prog writes()'s data to REDIS ("successfully")
> After this I see that I need to reconnect, but I've already send
> some data which had gone to nowhere.
> People sometimes recommend using usual non-blocking sockets,
> but it is not the case.

errhh... usual **blocking** sockets, of course.
however then I have to deal with multiprocess/multithread
architechture, but my goal was *fine-graned* concurrency
within single process.

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