How to link a msvcr120.dll in an inverse recursive way after a Windows .exe binary deployment

BoQsc vaidas.boqsc at
Sun Sep 4 15:16:47 UTC 2022


**Folder structure**


#### Basic binaries produced by DMD.exe compiler require 
Microsoft Compiler Runtime DLL
As you might know that a basic D Language example 
`HelloWorld.exe` requires `msvcr120.dll` to work.

#### Linking inverse recursively?
**To not include** `msvcr120.dll` into every `.exe` executable's 
`.\folder\` **and to not marginally increase the overall size of 
the project**: I'd like to link every `.\folder\.exe` binary to 
the `.\msvcr120.dll` dynamic library.

Launching the `.exe` binary with external script to change the 
`path` variable is not a solution.
I'd like the `.exe` binary to "know" and try to search for 
`.\msvcr120.dll` by itself after clicking it to launch.

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