How to link a msvcr120.dll in an inverse recursive way after a Windows .exe binary deployment

ShadoLight ettienne.gilbert at
Tue Sep 6 04:36:55 UTC 2022

On Monday, 5 September 2022 at 07:02:53 UTC, BoQsc wrote:
> The problem is, D Language Compiler is not included along the 
> Windows Operating System.

No compiler is included natively with the Windows OS. Not even 

> Neither msvcr120.dll is included along the Windows Operating 
> System.
> You have to download it. No other way.

Or... you download the DMD installer which conveniently include 
it for you.

> How can you download it, if your .exe binary that has the 
> functionality to download it, cannot even be started due to 
> msvcr120.dll not existing on the operating system.

I don't understand this. You need DMD to build your EXE. I 
suppose you have this since your question is specifically about 
DMD. If that is the case you have the DLL you need.

>> Copy the DLL to C:\Windows\System32\
> It required administrator privilegies and this is only a 
> HelloWorld example
> of the D language deployed on computers, where the D language 
> is yet to be installed.

True. In that case just distribute the DLL (taken from the DMD 
bin folder) alongside the HelloWorld EXE so that both reside in 
the same folder on the target computer. If you don't have 
administrative priveleges you cannot modify the PATH on the 
target computer either, so this is the only way. That is anyway 
quite standard under Windows - if you search for msvcr*.dll on 
any Windows machine you'll find lots of copies co-located with 
the EXEs that use them (using the version that came with the 
specific version of Visual Studio they were using to build the 
EXE - for example msvcr90.dll). These DLLs are simply the Visual 
Studio C/C++ Runtime distributed with Visual Studio.

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