compile: link dynamic OR static library in Windows

Alexander Zhirov azhirov1991 at
Sat Feb 4 15:52:33 UTC 2023

I have never programmed in Windows, so I don't quite understand 
how to link the library correctly. I have a compiled Postgres 
library from under mingw. There is both a static library `*.a` 
and a dynamic library `*.dll`. I don't understand how to compile 
my project correctly at all. I tried to do everything through dub 
first.json, then I realized that the idea was too rash and 
decided to compile a simple project through the CLI. In the end , 
here 's what happened:

PS C:\sources\pxe-restore\source> dmd -i app.d 
lld-link: error: 
C:\msys64\home\user\postgresql-15.1\installed\mingw64\lib\libpq.dll: bad file type. Did you specify a DLL instead of an import library?
lld-link: error: could not open 'pq.lib': no such file or 
Error: linker exited with status 1

After Googling a bit, I came across [this 
page]( Do I really need to rewrite the header of the Postgres library to use it in my project?

Do I need to list all the functions called from the library? Or 
is there a way to somehow attach it in a more civilized way 
through a simple `dmd`?

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