betterC DLL in Windows

Tamas km212121 at
Sun Feb 5 09:01:18 UTC 2023

On Sunday, 5 February 2023 at 00:27:19 UTC, Richard (Rikki) 
Andrew Cattermole wrote:
> On 05/02/2023 1:20 PM, Adam D Ruppe wrote:
>> Even module imports can fail because betterC disables 
>> outputting the module data info, even if it would otherwise be 
>> required by language rules, despite it not using the druntime.
> This only affects you if you use full D to interact with 
> -betterC code.
> Even then it is very easy to work around.
> -betterC DLL's do work with full D executables.
> If all you need it for is gluing some stuff together don't 
> listen to Adam about it not working, because it absolutely does 
> and quite usable if you're not expecting there to be a GC.

I'm repeating myself, but I'm very happy to see so many helpful 
responses to my newbie question. It gives me a good feeling about 
the community here.

As I wrote, I'd like to use D only in a limited way, for now. My 
project actually interfaces Python and glib/gstreamer, the glue 
being provided by my C code. What I'd like to do is to improve on 
my C code, inspired by [this 
interview]( I 
don't want to introduce another GC or runtime into the picture, 
and I probably don't need to call any D libraries.

Python -> my C code -> glib/gstreamer C libs


Python -> C improved by betterC -> glib/gstreamer C libs

On the surface, betterC seems to be perfect for this case. How 
would YOU do it (Adam, Richard)?

BtW, gstreamer also has D bindings, and maybe in the future I'll 
use those. I suspect that Adam's suggestions have a stronger 
relevance to that case, right?

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