My vibe-d test app is crashing on Windows

Steven Schveighoffer schveiguy at
Mon Feb 13 16:14:51 UTC 2023

On 2/13/23 8:12 AM, Steve wrote:
> The app is just a test echo server. JSON sent in the body of a POST 
> request is echoed back to the client. On Pop!_OS it works fine but on 
> Windows it responds, there's a delay of about 10 seconds and then it 
> crashes with the error:
> ```
> Error Program exited with code -1073741819
> ```

As mentioned, that's an access violation. So something is wrong in the 
vibe library on windows.

I confirmed it works fine for me on Linux.

Did you try without the async call? Try and reduce which part of it is 
causing the failure.

> Also when you launch/build the app with dub there's a shed load of 
> deprecation warnings, e.g.:
> ```
> \Local\dub\packages\vibe-d-0.9.5\vibe-d\stream\vibe\stream\wrapper.d(334,23): Deprecation: reference to local variable `this` assigned to non-scope parameter `bytes` calling `writeToStream`
> ```
> I'm a D newbie so it's quite possibly something I'm doing wrong ...

This is the hellscape that we are in for with dip1000 around the corner. 
It's not your fault, many many programs/libraries have not been updated 
to deal with dip1000, and it likely will be this way for a while.


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