dub creates unrunnable binary in "build" dir

tastyminerals at gmail.com tastyminerals at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 12:10:22 UTC 2023

I have been using dub to build one project of mine and its been 
2021 the last time I tried to rebuild it...

I made some code changes today and wanted to run unittests. Here 
is what I got after running `dub build -b tests`:

     Starting Performing "tests" build using 
/Users/pavels/.local/share/ldc2-1.31.0-osx-arm64/bin/ldc2 for 
aarch64, arm_hardfloat.
     Building dxml 0.4.3: building configuration [library]
     Building x11 1.0.21: building configuration [tcltk-import]
     Building tcltk 8.6.5: building configuration [library]
     Building tkd 1.1.14: building configuration [library]
     Building toml 1.0.0-rc.3: building configuration [library]
     Building doc_sender_app ~master: building configuration 
     Linking doc_sender_app
              Copying files for doc_sender_app...

Build is completed, now let's run it.
`cd build && ./doc_sender_app`
dyld[4032]: Symbol not found: _memcmp
   Referenced from: <2E0B0A60-5997-399C-8361-B70D44650A19> 
   Expected in:     <D95E18F3-1B58-3595-AB23-2D17FCBCB1CF> 
fish: Job 1, './doc_sender_app' terminated by signal SIGABRT 
`dyld_info -imports /opt/local/lib/libtcl8.6.dylib | rg "_memcmp"`
0x008F  0x002  _memcmp
The symbol exists if I understood correctly.
Searching the internet didn't provide me with any answers :(
Building with older 1.27.1 ldc/dub provided the same results. So, 
it means that something changed on my system after the latest mac 
ports update but I have no clue how to proceed tbo.

Can anyone provide some more information about the error?
What else should I try out?

DUB version: version 1.30.0, built on Feb 11 2023
The compiler is the latest "ldc2-1.31.0-osx-arm64".
The machine is Mac M1 with Ventura installed and all relevant tk 
and tcl libs in place.

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