[Greylist-users] error messages...

Allan E Johannesen aej at WPI.EDU
Mon Dec 15 09:13:55 PST 2003

I noticed error messages on the print of interface address (ifaddr) when it was
the local host due to the value not being assigned.

I use sendmail 8.12.10 if that means anything to the situation.  Perhaps other
sendmail versions give values which fill this field.

To quiet the error, I added a crude declaration of ifaddr if the relay was

    my $authtype    = $ctx->getsymval("{auth_type}");
    my $ifaddr      = $ctx->getsymval("{if_addr}");
+   if ($tmp eq "localhost []") {
+      $ifaddr = "";
+   };
    print "  Relay: $tmp - If_Addr: $ifaddr\n" if ($verbose);
    print "  RelayIP: $relay_ip - RelayName: $relay_name - RelayIdent: $relay_ident - PossiblyForged: $relay_maybe_forged\n" if ($verbose);
    print "  From: $sender - To: $recipient\n" if ($verbose);

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