[Greylist-users] getting started

Ken Raeburn raeburn at raeburn.org
Mon Dec 15 10:29:11 PST 2003

>> You certainly will not be able to buy a computer 
>> that is too slow for a personal SMTP server, 
>> even a PDA would probably be overkill.
> I am thinking of using P3 450 with 384 MB. That should probably be
> enough.

More than enough.  I've used a 166MHz Pentium (not P3, not P4) system
for my mail server (handling more messages than you indicated), and
file server, and network tunnel server, and firewall, and so forth,
and it's got cycles to spare.  I've since set up three MX servers, but
for redundancy and new-machine testing, not computing power or

> What operating system is best for graylisting?

I think that's a matter of personal choice.  My MX servers are running
Linux (Debian 3.0) and NetBSD-current (from a month or two ago), using
sendmail and relaydelay and mysql, and I've got no real complaints.
(Except, maybe, MySQL doesn't have Kerberos support currently, so I
need to set up certificates or log in remotely to look at all of the
databases.  Mildly annoying.)  I bet FreeBSD and OpenBSD would be fine
too.  Or Solaris, or Mac OS X, or ....

If you use sendmail+milter+relaydelay, it will need reasonably solid
POSIX threads support.  I'm not using NetBSD 1.6 because of that; it
had some add-on libraries, but NetBSD-current has it built in.


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