[Greylist-users] Malformed envelope from address

Paul Davies paul.davies at jrc.it
Wed Dec 17 09:41:32 PST 2003

Hello All,

Having a slight problem.....

Currently setup on our site with around 35,000 email's a day.. using :
    Suse Linux Enterprise Server 8
        Sendmail::Milter 0.18 (compiled against sendmail-8.12.10, i.e. 
dowloaded and copilet to create the obj .... structure)

Whenever the email address "mail_from" contains an ' , then we get the 
following message :
   Dec 17 09:20:36 greylist sendmail[3982]: hBH8KaUq003982: Milter: 
from=<email containing '>, reject=501 5.1.7 Malformed envelope from 
address: invalid punctuation characters

The database shows no record of this email address,
Whenever the rcpt_to contains a ', then it is ok.....
Please help, because mail is not being delivered for people with an ' in 
their email address......
Currently run another setup using exactly the same system software, but 
running SpamAssassin, with no problems .....



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