[D-runtime] druntime commit, revision 519

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Sun Jan 23 01:26:05 PST 2011

druntime commit, revision 519

user: jmdavis

Added Throwable and default arguments to most Exception and Error constructors.

For whatever reason, a number of Exception and Error types didn't take a
Throwable for chaining exceptions, and most of them didn't have default
arguments for file and line number (some didn't even take file and line
number in the first place). So, most of the Exception and Error types in
core.exception and object_.d/object.di now have take an optional
Throwable argument and optional file and line number arguments which
default to __FILE__ and __LINE__. In at least one case (AssertError), I
couldn't make it take default arguments for file and line number without
breaking code, so it doesn't. But if I could do it and maintain
backwards comptability, I did. I also added unit tests to verify that
the various constructors work properly.


paths changed:
U   trunk/import/object.di
U   trunk/src/core/exception.d
U   trunk/src/object_.d

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