[D-runtime] Arghhh, DLLs broken on Win32 *again*!

Martin Nowak dawg at dawgfoto.de
Wed Mar 21 15:09:38 PDT 2012

> It's debatable whether gcstub is really needed for this anyway.  All it  
> provides is some space savings in the generated DLL, and in turn  
> guarantees that the DLL can only be loaded by a D executable.  I'd be  
> more interested in generating DLLs that can be loaded by executables of  
> any language, and so would leave out gcstub.

The whole Windows DLL support is flawed.
The only sensible way to maintain the ODR is
to link against a shared runtime.
With a statically linked runtime multiple
D DLLs must remain isolated from each other.

We recently had an addition to druntime that also got that wrong

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