Relocating GDC

Andrei Khropov andkhropov at
Sat Jun 17 03:27:07 PDT 2006

Anders F Björklund wrote:

> If you build GDC in say "/usr" or "/mingw", is it
> then possible to relocate the binaries and Phobos ?
> I was under the impression that it should be able
> to work the location of Phobos out from where the
> gdc binary was located, e.g. "../include/d/?.?.?/"
> but that does not seem to be the case it seems...
> I had hoped for the gdcmac/gdcwin binaries to be
> relocatable from the default /usr and C:\MinGW,
> but it seems that they can't find e.g. "object.d"
> unless you specifically tell it where to search ?

Maybe you should look at MinGW source,
because other languages work OK with relocation.


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