debian package for gdc

Adam Burton adz21c at
Thu May 3 17:14:54 PDT 2007

Anders F Björklund wrote:

> robspassky wrote:
>> Is anybody out there working on this?  I don't mean the alien-generated
>> .deb package, but an "official" debian package to be integrated into the
>> distribution.
>> I went to the debian site and found out that the gdc package is in the
>> pipeline--the owner is Suresh Rajashekara (suresh.raj at gmail dot com).
>> I pinged him and he said that he is just starting work on it but thinks
>> to have it ready "very soon".
> I thought about integrating GDC into Ubuntu's, the same way GPC is now ?
> But I was kinda put off by the sheer size of the package and scripts...
> Same went for making it interact with the Fedora system GCC compiler,
> which has like a ton of patches. So for now I only made "vanilla" GDC.
> But if anyone wants to take it through the official channels, that would
> be cool. Should be easier now, when it supports GCC 4.1.1 and x86_64 ?
> --anders
I have twiddled with the feisty GCC deb-src to create GDC as part of it,
took me ages to figure out how the damn thing works but seems to have done
the trick, compiles on x86_64 as well. I can't compile tango (on x86_64)
with it but that's another matter I am sure you guys know about.
My "twiddling" isn't perfect, I had to comment out some if's which I am
sure had some sort of use and it only compiles phobos for the arch your
compiling for (so when building for x86_64 it doesn't build phobos for x86
as well) although I think the compiler can still compile x86 code if you
can get your hands on a x86 phobos. Also phobos is bundled with the gdc
compiler in the same deb, I had enough of playing with the files and just
wanted to get learning D lol. :-)

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