Status updates (and PPA packages) for gdc

Joseph Wakeling joseph.wakeling at
Mon Apr 26 11:49:13 PDT 2010


A couple of small requests, as one who is not skilled enough to work on GDC
itself or to go compiling compilers (!) but who is very interested in the
success of GDC ...

First -- is there a chance of some kind of regular status update from GDC on
this forum?  Say, a brief bi-weekly mail along the lines of, "These are the
problems we solved, these are the issues we still have, these are new problems
that arose ...".  It would be great to have that kind of report.  I know there
is the microblog, but it's not quite as effective as an email on the official
D forums.

Second -- is there a chance of the D Language Packagers team on Ubuntu
providing packages for gdc2 betas? :-)

Third -- (this is no longer a couple of requests, but never mind...) -- what
happened to the plans for a fund for GDC?  Has it been organised?  How can one

Thanks and best wishes,

    -- Joe

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