Status updates (and PPA packages) for gdc

Joseph Wakeling joseph.wakeling at
Wed Apr 28 05:53:14 PDT 2010

> Well, here is the page that links to the PPA.
> Package still needs some loving - fleshing it out of gdc into it's own gdc2 is
> probably a todo, and clean up applied patches, as a number are not relevant to D2.

Thanks very much!  Will try it out and get back to you on my experience.

> Anyone interested in helping out, just PM me.

... maybe worth coordinating with the D Language Packagers team?  Rather than a
dedicated gdc PPA, in the longer term it might be better to organise D stuff into
a 'D-language' PPA for stable packages (up-to-date ldc, gdc, libtango, ...) and
'D-language-beta' for bleeding-edge stuff like this.

You mentioned that this gdc breaks other D packages on the system -- what should I
watch out for?

Thanks again and best wishes,

    -- Joe

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