Status updates (and PPA packages) for gdc

Iain Buclaw ibuclaw at
Wed Apr 28 06:53:05 PDT 2010

Joseph Wakeling Wrote:

> > I *am* the D Packagers team in Ubuntu and Debian - it is only me
> > (for the moment). :-)
> I did not see your name here ... :-)

Oh I see, glad we sorted out that confusion then (I thought you were referring to the Deb maintainers for a moment there).

In that case then, to answer your original question, I can see no reason why not in the long term. But first and foremost, I would have thought that the initial goals would be to first get it running with gcc-4.4 (if ever) and gcc-4.5. Then start expanding to other areas for a short while.

However, I certainly do not dictate the direction of upstream. I merely package and see over fix arch specific bugs that arise.

> ... and many thanks for your work.  I'm very glad to see D making it into Debian
> and Ubuntu.
> Best wishes,
>     -- Joe


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