D2 Blockers?

Michael Parrott baseball.mjp at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 08:16:24 PDT 2010

dsimcha Wrote:

> What are the current blockers to merging non-ancient versions of D2 into GDC?
>  I've been quietly following the project and noticed that:
> 1.  It's actively being worked on.
> 2.  D1 is up to date.
> 3.  There were a bunch of issues w.r.t. druntime, but these seem to be resolved.
> 4.  A new version of D2 hasn't been merged in ~1 month, even though the
> project is generally active.
> 5.  There was some concern about breaking the currently working 2.019.  IMHO
> this is **completely** unwarranted, as support for such an outdated D2 version
> is probably **completely useless** to just about everyone.  Probably no
> non-trivial code that compiles for 2.019 will work on the latest version or
> vice-versa, and the only code that's still written for 2.019 is really old,
> unmaintained code that noone cares about.  IMHO until you're at least close to
> the latest version, you should just break older versions with reckless abandon
> to march towards getting recent, useful versions working.

I'll assume you're aware of this issue then:


Right now, AFAIK, all that is needed to have druntime be built with gdc, rather than have it standalone as it is now. So that means updating the configure scripts, Makefiles, and all that to include druntime and phobos to be built.

I think D2 Phobos needs to be updated to 2.020 as well.

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