Why is libphobos not a shared library?

Matthew Caron Matt.Caron at redlion.net
Thu Jun 14 06:18:25 PDT 2012

On 06/14/2012 09:08 AM, Iain Buclaw wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> This is a pet peeve with us at the moment.  Yes, I can produce a
> shared libphobos for you, but the default runtime implementation does
> not support it, and the current workaround is specific to Linux
> systems only - possibly other related POSIX systems too, so long as
> /proc/self/maps exists on the system.
> Regards

I am not professing to have copious amounts of time, but how might I be 
able to help, even if it is just to test things?

I have, at my disposal, the standard complement of x86 Linux boxen, as 
well as a variety of ARM-ish processors (hence my interest in cross 
compiling D), ranging from ARM9 (armv5t) up to Cortex-A8.

If adoption of D at my company proceeds, this will become more of a 
hot-button issue because demand for it will increase. As such, I might 
be able to actually devote some on the clock engineering time to it, 
rather than doing it in my spare time. As of right now, it is termed 
"not for production use", because D and GDC are both fairly new. (Yes, I 
know both D2 and GDC are both over 5 years old, but we're that 
conservative.). The crux of the issue is that, when you're trying to 
cram as much as you can into 16MB of NAND, shared libraries are your 
best friend.

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