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Sat Sep 5 10:04:30 UTC 2020

This thread is a continuation of the conversation "GDC 10.2.1 
Released" in the Announce group here [1]:

For reference:

>  1. Is Cirrus CI good enough to build gdc?  And if so, look 
> into adding
>     Windows, MacOSX, and FreeBSD platforms to the pipeline.
>> What does "good enough" mean ?
> It means, can Cirrus CI actually build gdc and run through the 
> testsuite without being  killed by the pipeline?
> Travis CI for instance is rubbish, because:
> - Hardware is really slow.
> - Kills jobs that take longer than 50 minutes.
> - Kills jobs if a 3GB memory limit is exceeded.
> - Kills jobs that don't print anything for more than 10 minutes.
> - Truncates logs to first 2000 lines.
>  [...]
>  3. Use Docker+QEMU to have containers doing CI for other 
> architectures, can
>     build images for Alpine and Debian on amd64, arm32v7, 
> arm64v8, i386,
>     mips64le, ppc64le, and s390x.

What I learned so far is that Cirrus CI lets you configure the 
time after which jobs are killed and it can be increased from the 
default of 60 minutes.
   Memory for the container/VM can be configured, however since 
open source projects run on the community cluster, scheduling of 
such jobs are prioritized by resource requirements.

This looks promising.

Further, they write that if the build directory contains a 
Dockerfile an attempt is made to try and use that.

Therefore a good approach seems to be to start with a docker 
container which later can also be adapted for 3).


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