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Sat Sep 5 10:25:28 UTC 2020

Am Sat, 05 Sep 2020 10:04:30 +0000 schrieb wjoe:

> This thread is a continuation of the conversation "GDC 10.2.1 Released"
> in the Announce group here [1]:

To answer your other question:
>> We use for CI, but 
>> commits will go to the GCC SVN first, so GCC SVN or snapshot 
>> tarballs is the recommended way to get the latest GDC.
> Is this information still up to date ?
> There's a semaphore folder. I suppose that's the one currently 
> used with Semaphore CI. Is there something else ?

That information is probably quite obsolete: As GCC upstream uses git 
now, it might be possible to simplify the overall process. That proces 
never really worked out and was quite complicated anyway, as it required 
committers to locally merge the commit containing the .semaphore 
configuration files before pushing to github. In hindsight, it was 
probably a bad idea.

The main difficulty in setting up CI for GDC is that we can't simply put 
CI configuration files in the toplevel folder, as that folder is under 
GCC's control. For CI which allows you to keep the configuration out of 
the repositories, this is not a problem. But for those requiring certain 
files in the top-level folder, it's more complicated.

So that's why the old approach required merging a commit which includes 
the CI configuration. Maybe a better way is to automatically generate a 
new commit including CI configuration for each commit to be tested. This 
could probably be done with buildkite? Then trigger new build jobs for 
that auto-generated commit. The main difficulty there is integrating this 
into a somewhat nice workflow / interface.


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