Tango 0.99.9 Kai released

strtr strt at spam.com
Wed Feb 10 05:26:09 PST 2010

Nick Sabalausky Wrote:
> Once Tango is ported to D2, then Tango/Phobos should get along just fine (as 
> long as you use D2). That's largely what druntime was all about.
:) Yet another reason to switch to D2 as soon as possible after reading Andrei's book.

> If you grab the Tango+DMD bundle from the Tango site, then it's exactly the 
> same as installing DMD/Phobos: Just unzip, set path, and run.
So I shouldn't need to change anything at all in my project? All Phobos calls will by default be handled correctly? That's nice.

> Installing Tango overtop an existing DMD/Phobos can be tricky (at least from 
> what I recall, been a long time since I attempted it), but the Tango+DMD 
> bundles are easy and upgrading the DMD from an existing Tango+DMD bundle 
> installation is fairly easy too.
Ok, good to know, as I really like to take the latest release: 
My monthly candy :D

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