Tango 0.99.9 Kai released

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Wed Feb 10 22:14:44 PST 2010

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> On 2010-02-10 14:18, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
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>>> Nick Sabalausky wrote:
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>>>> 4. Windows: Create a batch script "Switch to DMD Phobos.bat" that 
>>>> deletes
>>>> the "dmd" directory tree and then copies "dmd-phobos" to "dmd". Do the
>>>> same
>>>> for Tango, and then run either of those when you want to switch.
>>> Or use junction instead.
>>> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896768.aspx
>>> Rather handy.
>> That's awesome. Thanks. I had no idea windows could do that, and I was 
>> just
>> thinking even the other day that I wished that it could. Too bad it's 
>> only
>> for directories, not files, but still, that should be pretty nice to 
>> have.
> Files? You want it for files too? Have I got a command for you:
> fsutil hardlink create <new filename> <existing filename>
> (<http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc788097%28WS.10%29.aspx>)
> You'll need administrator privileges to run it (because most of its other 
> functionality is very low-level, journaling and MFT-sizing and stuff like 
> that), but it looks like it works on XP and up (2000 doesn't appear to 
> support it, but I can't tell for sure). And, of course, it only works on 
> NTFS partitions, but that should be a given.

AIUI, that's still a little bit different from a symlink. Unix has a concept 
of a hardlink too (I think that's what they call it), so I'm assuming that's 
more like what this is. Still, good to know that it's there.

BTW, after googling to check that "hardlink" is the term Unix uses for the 
other symlink-ish thing it has, I just stumbled across this:

Symlinks that "don't work quite as well as they could" on Vista and up. (Not 
much good for me though, as I'm on XP).

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