Guigle openGL GUI on GIT

Stephen Jones siwenjo at
Thu Apr 4 16:04:04 PDT 2013 is the link. The wiki has been 
written. If it is not viewable it will be that I have done 
something wrong, or have not done something I should with GIT... 
it is new to me.

I was thinking there may be a problem getting Guigle running on 
Linux and Mac insofar as I use pragma(lib, ...) to load the 
native Window .dll and there is no compatible code for Linux/Mac. 
But if you already know the code then it is simply a matter of 
adding it to the Form.d file where the pragmas are.

There is a general problem to do with the dlls themselves. While 
Derelict3 compiles its own .lib files they still require native 
.dll files on the path. For openGL it is not an issue but for 
SDL2, SDL2_Image and SDL_ttf there is a problem. Does anyone know 
either a repository with viable dll (and whatever linux/Mac 
require), or a clear explanation of the process required to build 
your own from SDL2 source.

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