Guigle openGL GUI on GIT

Mike Parker aldacron at
Thu Apr 4 18:50:45 PDT 2013

On Thursday, 4 April 2013 at 23:04:05 UTC, Stephen Jones wrote:
> There is a general problem to do with the dlls themselves. 
> While Derelict3 compiles its own .lib files they still require 
> native .dll files on the path. For openGL it is not an issue

This isn't a problem. It's the nature of shared libraries. It's 
possible in Derelict to specify a path directly, so that they 
don't need to be on the global path. When calling a load method, 
you can pass a relative or full path as an argument: 

> but for SDL2, SDL2_Image and SDL_ttf there is a problem. Does 
> anyone know either a repository with viable dll (and whatever 
> linux/Mac require), or a clear explanation of the process 
> required to build your own from SDL2 source.

Download the latest SDL2 snapshot from
SDL_image and SDL_ttf will need to be checked out from the 
mercurial repository.

You'll need to use either Visual Studio or MinGW to compile. I 
generally use MinGW and MSYS. MSYS isn't strictly necessary, but 
it includes a number of unix tools that make life easier.

SDL2 now supports CMake, so you can use that to generate a 
makefile. I generally use the configure script instead. SDL2 
includes instructions for building, but it goes something like 

1. Open MSYS and cd to the SDL2 directory.
2. mkdir build
3. cd build
4. ../configure
5. make

Now you'll have an SDL2 dll. You can follow the same steps to 
build SDL_image and SDL_ttf.

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