FewDee: A library for 2D game prototyping

Leandro Motta Barros lmb at stackedboxes.org
Wed Sep 4 17:23:18 PDT 2013


FewDee is an incomplete, experimental, mostly 2D, library focused on games

The official Mercurial repository is here:


And there is a Git mirror here:


This is work in progress. It is usable(*), but still needs lots of

  (*) I used an early version of FewDee in a prototype that worked even in
a public demonstration ;-)

I wasn't afraid of using D any features in FewDee, so I used (and even
misused) lots of associative arrays, delegates, GC'ed memory... it might be
interesting to see how it will behave in more demanding applications.

My plan now is to stop working directly on FewDee; instead, I intend to
actually use it in a few more game prototypes. Then, I'll use this
experience to further guide the library evolution.

Lastly, this is my first sizable D project, so destroy with kindness ;-)


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