Visual D 0.48.0 released

Rainer Schuetze r.sagitario at
Tue Dec 4 08:25:09 UTC 2018

On 03/12/2018 22:10, Neia Neutuladh wrote:
> On Mon, 03 Dec 2018 15:08:33 +0000, greatsam4sure wrote:
>> It will be nice if you can port this code base to vs code. It is the
>> same visual studio code base.
> Pardon? VS Code is an Electron application written mainly in TypeScript, 
> while Visual Studio is a Windows application written in C++ and C#. 
> They're quite different codebases with quite different plugin 
> architectures.

I also doubt there is much that can be easily transferred from Visual D
to VS Code. Browsing the documentation I found this, though: "VS Code
uses a tools service architecture that enables it to integrate with many
of the same technologies that power Visual Studio, including Roslyn for
.NET, TypeScript, the Visual Studio debugging engine, and more."

Being mostly interested in the claim about the debugger I took a short
look at the C++ extension: it actually uses a debug engine that looks
very similar to the one used in VS. This might allow adding the mago
Concord extension for D style expression evaluation to VS Code, too. I
haven't found a way to configure it to match the source language to the
extension, though.

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