Article about D in the iX magazine

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Mon Dec 23 03:09:47 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 22 December 2019 at 13:05:02 UTC, Robert M. Münch 
> On 2019-12-20 21:26:00 +0000, Andre Pany said:
>> In the new iX (1 Januar 2020) there is also a Leserbrief for 
>> the article;)
> Even there are only few comments, every comment helps.
> It's very hard to convince programmers to give something else a 
> try and stay to it long enough to see the light. Most of the 
> time, evangelizing is very frustrating. The better strategy 
> from my experience is: Deliver a cool product and than tell 
> everyone "we are 10 times more productive than our competitors 
> while delivering a better product." You can be sure, everyone 
> wants to know how you do it.

I think it's much better to spend most time on those receptive to 
it anyway, which is a very small proportion of the programmers 
many people might know in real life.  The beauty of being the 
challenger is you can keep growing by persuading only a small 
proportion of people who were already poised on the edge or would 
be if they knew of D.

Yes - I agree that delivering value speaks the loudest.  But of 
course in a competitive market it's not necessarily going to be 
something people discuss.  It's outside the reality of many 
others, what can be achieved with D, and at the same time you 
don't necessarily want to actually make it vivid to your 
competitors how they could do what you did.

I think also that enthusiasm and working code might be more 
effective than logic and feature comparison.

The biggest asset the D community has might be the calibre of 
people that are drawn to it and that stick with it...

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