New Fundraiser: D Forums Server

Martin Tschierschke mt at
Mon Jan 28 09:22:33 UTC 2019

On Friday, 25 January 2019 at 17:01:31 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> One of the options we were considering for a new fundraising 
> campaign was raising money for Vladimir's continuing efforts on 
> the forums. He's been maintaining them, and covering the 
> server, without any compensation since the beginning. The 
> recent thread about forum outages pushed all other 
> considerations aside: it's time to support Vladimir.
> The campaign is available from the menu on the Donate page, but 
> you can go straight to it here:
I tried it twice via flipcause but it ended with:

    Looks like your session has expired!

    You will be redirected to the Home page.

Please take a look!

Regards mt.

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