New Fundraiser: D Forums Server

Mike Parker aldacron at
Tue Jan 29 10:25:14 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 29 January 2019 at 10:08:49 UTC, Martin Tschierschke 

> I now, know a little more, first I had the same behavior, with 
> the session expired
> message, than at the third try it seemed to go trough but, it 
> didn't.
> I called my bank and they where so nice to ask at the 
> mastercard service what hat happened,
> the result was, that my card was not using / registered for 
> "Mastercard® Secure Code"
> But this security feature was requested by flipcause, and so 
> the process was canceled.
> The bad thing is, that no appropriate information about this 
> was returned to me.
> I think, for a service with a relatively high monthly fee, this 
> should work better, because the core feature.

Thanks for the feedback, Martin. I'll raise that with their 
support folks.

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