DIP 1017--Add Bottom Type--Formal Assessment

Johannes Loher johannesloher at fg4f.de
Wed Jan 30 20:50:42 UTC 2019

Am 30.01.19 um 15:05 schrieb Mike Parker:
> Given the nature of the feedback in both review rounds this DIP has gone
> through, Walter has decided to reject his own DIP. He still believes
> there is a benefit to adding a bottom type to the language, but this
> proposal is not the way to go about it. He hopes to revisit the issue in
> the future.
> Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

I believe this is a good decision and the proper way forward.

I also think that there is indeed a benefit in adding a bootom type to
the language so I'd be happy to help with a new attempt as much my
limited knowledge of type theroy permits.

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