GtkD Blog Now Up and Running

sanjayss dummy at dummy.dummy
Wed Jan 30 21:53:27 UTC 2019

On Friday, 25 January 2019 at 21:16:59 UTC, Ron Tarrant wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> As of January 11, 2019, is up. It's a 
> blog, it's a github page, it's simple examples of how to use 
> GtkD for all that GUI stuff.
> My approach is to lay out a firm foundation for both imperative 
> and object-oriented paradigms, then build from there, taking 
> things one step at a time.
> This being Friday, the 4th post went up this morning. Please do 
> let me know if you find it useful.
> And why did I wait until now to announce? Well, on day one, it 
> seemed a bit silly to announce with only one post. After the 
> second and third, well... I still didn't feel there was enough 
> to warrant excitement. But four posts? Now that's something to 
> speak up about, ain't it?
> Yup. That's what I thought, too.

Some simple screenshots would be nice to see -- but good job on 
this. Nice to see examples/how-to's. Hope you keep going into 
complex topics.

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