D GUI Framework (responsive grid teaser)

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at gmail.com
Fri May 24 08:55:17 UTC 2019

On Friday, 24 May 2019 at 08:35:27 UTC, Robert M. Münch wrote:
> I'm not fully understand the discussion about accuracy WRT 
> GUIs. Of course you need to draw things accurate. And my 
> interjection WRT 35-FPS was just to give an idea about the 
> possible achievable performance. I like desktop apps that are 
> fast and small, nothing more.

Yes. What I meant is that it is better for an application 
developer to have a GUI framework that is predictable and solid 
than to have the highest possible performance.

So if someone provides a drawing canvas then I'd rather have 
correctly drawn anti-aliased primitives (like bezier curves) than 
something that is 20% faster but incorrect. Just an example.

Just in general, predictable, less to worry about, so that the 
application developer can focus on the application and not the 
peculiarities of the GUI framework.

> care if you wish). For this we are creating a set of 
> building-blocks that fit perfectly together following a radical 
> KISS and minimal dependency strategy.

Sounds reasonable.

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