Let's celebrate Dlang on D day

Nick Sabalausky (Abscissa) SeeWebsiteToContactMe at semitwist.com
Mon May 27 00:56:50 UTC 2019

On 5/26/19 8:42 PM, Ola Fosheim Grøstad wrote:
> On Monday, 27 May 2019 at 00:12:51 UTC, Nick Sabalausky (Abscissa) wrote:
>> Don't know about Europe, but here in the US, an unfortunate part of 
>> the basic culture is that people tend to spend their entire lives here 
>> going around LOOKING for reasons to be offended, and by golly, they 
>> WILL be CERTAIN to find it whether it exists or not.
> Keep in mind that we in Europe still have a memory in society of nazi 
> boots walking in our streets, ripping people out of their beds and 
> sending them to concentration camps.
> And we know there are some people in our society that are willing to 
> pick up that ideology. A small group perhaps, but there is a 
> subconscious fear that those will rise again in a new shape or form. It 
> wasn't only Germans that were nazis, they were everywhere. They were 
> among our own people too.

Here in the US we already have *leaders* with more or less that very 
same...I'm going to call it a mal-ideology. So, we're not in such 
terribly different boats. Arguably, US is closer to a repeat of that 
right now. Heck, look at the new "Federal ID" and modern TSA - it's 
basically 1930's "traveling papers" all over again, and just like then, 
everyone's too pumped full of nationalism bull ("U..S..A!..U..S..A!..") 
and scapegoat-searching to notice.

Further still, that same Nazi, or ISIS, or whatever other evil 
fundamentalist mal-ideology ALL stems directly from getting all bent out 
of shape over what's benign and setting as sacred cows in defense 
against the benign. So congrats those pretending to be anti-Nazi while 
utilizing that to build the NEXT new fundamentalist regime.

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