dud: A dub replacement

Robert Schadek rschadek at symmetryinvestments.com
Tue Nov 19 08:15:20 UTC 2019

On Monday, 18 November 2019 at 23:08:13 UTC, Laurent Tréguier 

> I don't understand why this would apply to JSON specifically. 
> Whatever the language is, the config files will be 
> hand-written; spelling errors are pretty universal, and 
> anything we write is prone to mistakes to some extent

dud already tells you if you mistyped a key.

Adding new file formats is "trivial" with dud current code base.

https://github.com/symmetryinvestments/dud/blob/master/pkgdescription/source/dud/pkgdescription/package.d is the data structure used to mirror the file content.

https://github.com/symmetryinvestments/dud/blob/master/pkgdescription/source/dud/pkgdescription/json.d is the json reader.

Currently, I have no plans to add any other file format.
But PR's are always welcome.
The decision on json and sdl has been made a long time ago, for 
or for worse.
Please don't turn this thread into bike-shedding.
Additionally, dub/dud is already on the way to add cli functions 
to manipulate
the config file.
A look at adding dependencies with "dub add" already shows that.

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