D code running on the Nintendo 3DS

TheGag96 thegag96 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 21:38:38 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 20 October 2019 at 20:31:04 UTC, Johan wrote:
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Awesome, I just might try to get LDC working with this...

On a different note, I'd really like a critique on a decision I 
made. Creating the bindings for libctru and citro3d was really 
tedious, partly because I made the decision to change every named 
enum from stuff like...

   GPU_CLAMP_TO_EDGE   = 0x0, ///< Clamps to edge.
   GPU_CLAMP_TO_BORDER = 0x1, ///< Clamps to border.
   GPU_REPEAT          = 0x2, ///< Repeats texture.
   GPU_MIRRORED_REPEAT = 0x3, ///< Repeats with mirrored texture.


enum GPUTextureWrapParam
   clamp_to_edge   = 0x0, ///< Clamps to edge.
   clamp_to_border = 0x1, ///< Clamps to border.
   repeat          = 0x2, ///< Repeats texture.
   mirrored_repeat = 0x3  ///< Repeats with mirrored texture.

...in order to fit the D naming style, since the semantics for 
the enum was changing anyway. But of course, every struct must 
keep its old name... Is this alright? Should I add aliases for 
every struct for a better naming style, or maybe go back on my 
decision before, or...?

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