My Android project nearing beta

bachmeier no at
Wed Jan 1 17:50:34 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 1 January 2020 at 17:35:28 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
> On Wednesday, 1 January 2020 at 17:12:01 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
>> A question that comes to mind with respect to your JNI work: 
>> Is this specific to Android, or could we use it, for instance, 
>> as a way to call Java functions from R, where we use D as a 
>> bridge to simplify things?
> That should be possible. And the bindings generator and packing 
> techniques should work on other things too. All I did here was 
> run it on android.jar, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work 
> on other jars too, perhaps with adjustments for like 
> java.lang.X so it pulls them from another source if necessary.
> The jni thing is not specific to Android at all (which is also 
> why I put it in my arsd repo instead of the d_android one). In 
> fact, most my testing of it has been done outside android since 
> it is so much more convenient. I have tested on 64 bit Windows 
> and 64 bit Linux as well, it should work anywhere else D and 
> the jvm both run.

Excellent. I'll definitely be digging into this when I have time. 
R is very heavily used. Once users have D installed to facilitate 
calling into Java, there's no longer a good reason to not work 
with D itself.

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