My Android project nearing beta

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at
Wed Jan 1 18:06:09 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 1 January 2020 at 17:16:19 UTC, visitor wrote:
> so to reply : i fortunately had a bit of (very recent) 
> understanding about D/Android setup and stumbling upon the link 
> crash without main() i figured that the main() hack was part of 
> the missing files ... i went, like that, by guess and trial 
> filling the holes :))


That's a big reason why I am trying to explain the principles 
behind each step too, exactly so other people can fill in when I 
screw it up. And I might not maintain everything into all future 
versions too (I don't really use mobile myself and the hardware I 
own is already 5ish years old so I'm not likely to follow 
bleeding edge SDKs anyway) but as long as the principles still 
apply it will be easy for someone else to pick it up and keep it 

> (i have a bunch of "R_ARM_TLS_LDO32 used with non-TLS symbol" 
> warnings, though, at link time ... - i compile for armv7a only 
> - )

Yeah, I see those too, it seems to come out of the upstream ldc 
builds... but also don't appear to matter. Doesn't happen on the 
other targets btw.

> Btw, with your work i can launch and work from D with 
> libreoffice documents !
> The exercice is silly because i use D to manipulate java to 
> drive uno code (and probably C++)  but it works ! :))  (i will 
> try to use your createJVM setup when i have time)

oh interesting, I didn't even realize that could be an 
application at all!

But Java is a pretty big world and D works pretty nicely with it 
so there is sure to be many things I didn't even think of.

i just need to write up the rest of the documentation so people 
can use it without having to follow my crazy thoughts as they 
jump around. but today my wrist is sore so taking it easy the 
rest of the day prolly. that blog took a lot of write up.

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