My Android project nearing beta

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at
Mon Jan 6 17:29:46 UTC 2020

On Monday, 6 January 2020 at 17:18:46 UTC, visitor wrote:
> hum ... indeed most of the native samples in android are using 
> java helper classes

Yeah, the NativeActivity is I think the only one that doesn't 
(and that's just because Google provides a pre-built helper java 

But I'm personally OK with that; reusing the platform as much as 
we can is a strength of D, it doesn't have to be all one thing. A 
little bit of Java gives you hooks into the IDE and stuff and 
isn't that much work; you can still reuse the majority of a D 

> do you still plan to add the ability to create java classes in 
> D for non-android projects ?

yes. I might not get around to it for a little while and it will 
very possibly be opt-in with a -version thing (right now I call 
it WithClassLoadSupport - creating a class would use the same 
code to work with the binary format). But I do want to do it.

Another challenge would be syntax. D does lambdas and anonymous 
inner classes... but they probably won't get the magic on them.

It may end up being a helper template, so you'd be like

JavaLambda!InterfaceName( a => whatever );

or something like that. I still need to think more about it.

> also in this project i made "GlobalRef"s to reuse java objects 
> / classes - thanks for warmly warning about the possible

I plan to address this later too. Probably all return values will 
conservatively get the global ref unless you declare it as like 
`Manual!T` instead, which then wraps it for you and uses the type 
system to determine what needs to be it.

(if you look at the comments of jni.d you can see a lot of my 
notes to self about problems and possible future directions. Not 
all of them actually work out, but it gives you some view into 
what's in my brain.)

> (btw, though good to know the trick, in fact i don't need the 
> sourceSets instruction for the jniLibs, i forgot to put the 
> library in the right subfolder ... "x86" or "armeabi-v7a", 
> etc...)


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