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> Rust has only standardized part of the async/await story, the 
> asynchronous
> runtime is not part of the standard library, so currently it is 
> impossible to write code that works flawlessly across the 
> existing runtimes.

Actually this is a good thing in that I can write Rust async/await code and
have it run on the GTK event loop. Here we have a case of multiple vendor
implementations of a single standard interface. The problems tend to be in the
implementations of the event loops not the bit that is effectively (de facto
rather than de jure) standardised.

> The typical scenarios where we would use GPGPU shaders, iDevices, 
> Android and Windows drivers, Arduino, SYCL, DPC++, Unreal, 
> XBox/PS/Switch SDKs, ...

Not my area, but my guess is that there is sufficient pre-existing code base
that it is not feasible to switch languages, staying with the languages of the
pre-existing codebase is the sensible thing to do unless someone comes along
with a big pot of money.
> Java has a standard to guide for, updated for each language 
> release.
> So it doesn't need to be ISO, can be ECMA, or some other formal 
> writen  specification, with multiple vendor implementations.

Java is really standardised by the implementaion of OpenJDK. There is no
standard agreed by any formal body other than the JCP executive committee.
There are three maybe four implementations, the one everyone uses, and the
other you have to pay for.

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