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> And that is completely wrong headed. Internet is not always 
> directly accessible. There are a lot of companies that restrict 
> access to the Internet for their security sensible servers, 
> No, Internet is not always as easy peasy and having a language 
> that can live alone and provide quite a lot of features without 
> always calling home is a good thing.

So that is Java out then as a language to use for corporate software
development activity.

Way back when I was running a company or two, I put in place "you can't access
the internet directly for dependencies" system, more to lower bandwidth use
than security it has to be said. So we bought another disc and mirrored the
repository – but not slavishly, just the bits we needed and with various scans
and tests to try and stop any rogue software. This seemed to be the standard
sort of behaviour back then. Perhaps this is not what happens now?

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