Post: Why no one is using your D library

claptrap clap at
Thu Jul 2 20:48:20 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 2 July 2020 at 17:29:29 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
> On Thursday, 2 July 2020 at 17:19:31 UTC, claptrap wrote:
>> and adrdoc? i think and they put everything onto its own page.
> Not even worth trying imo, that's why i wrote a replacement 
> from scratch.
> adrdox could prolly be modified to do all one page, or just 
> load the pages and embed after the fact. just im not sure if it 
> has value tbh

Tbh i much prefer the navigation on dlang, a tree view on the 
left, and a single page per module, but vastly prefer your 
presentation. The whole thing on dlang with putting everything in 
its own rounded outline rectangle with a red bar at the left hand 
side is hideous.

Anyway I realise its a personal preference thing, and dont mean 
to criticise adrdoc, it's a big improvement.

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