New DConf Online 2020 Lightning Talk and a new Task Bounty

Mike Parker aldacron at
Mon Nov 2 14:05:07 UTC 2020

We've added a "lightning talk" to the DConf Online 2020 schedule. 
Alexandru Militaru, whom you may remember from his DConf 2019 
presentation, will give a ~15-minute talk about sil-cling, an 
extension to the Symmetry Integration Language (SIL). The talk is 
taking the 19:20 UTC slot on November 22, and Stefan Koch's talk 
has been moved to 19:50.

DConf 2019 talk:

An anonymous donor has seeded a new Task Bounty with $400. The 
task: execute a new release of the dub-registry project.

The same donor bumped up the bounty for the task to improve DLL 
support on Windows. It's now up to $320.

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