New DConf Online 2020 Lightning Talk and a new Task Bounty

Seb seb at
Mon Nov 2 15:08:43 UTC 2020

On Monday, 2 November 2020 at 14:05:07 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> An anonymous donor has seeded a new Task Bounty with $400. The 
> task: execute a new release of the dub-registry project.

Tagging was never a problem as registry is/was building fine from 

There are not so many tags because the registry is in maintenance 
mode and critical bug fixes are often directly deployed from 

Anyhow, the real problem is that no one except Sönke has access 
to the registry server for deploying a release and the DLF at 
least in the past wasn't interested in paying for the registry 
server(s) themselves, s.t. they could be setup in such a way that 
multiple people have access to it.

I do _not_ want the bounty and while I appreciate that people 
want to support the D ecosystem, I do not understand why we put 
up a bounty to run "git tag" which would have no impact as 
deployment is the issue. IMHO we should address the real issues 
(registry lacking features + registry deployment).

A worrying side note here is that there have been many private 
and public mails about the root causes (three years ago the 
registry was crashing because the VM only had 200M of memory and 
a small GC leak made the server collect slightly more memory than 
it should). Anyhow, even without prior knowledge an email to 
anyone who has ever contributed code to the registry - aka its 
maintainers - (e.g. Sönke, Martin, WebFreak, ZombineDev, Mathias, 
...) would have yielded this information - very similar to the 
recent LDC bounty that was done without contacting any of the LDC 

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