New DConf Online 2020 Lightning Talk and a new Task Bounty

Mike Parker aldacron at
Mon Nov 2 17:54:48 UTC 2020

On Monday, 2 November 2020 at 15:08:43 UTC, Seb wrote:

> A worrying side note here is that there have been many private 
> and public mails about the root causes (three years ago the 
> registry was crashing because the VM only had 200M of memory 
> and a small GC leak made the server collect slightly more 
> memory than it should). Anyhow, even without prior knowledge an 
> email to anyone who has ever contributed code to the registry - 
> aka its maintainers - (e.g. Sönke, Martin, WebFreak, 
> ZombineDev, Mathias, ...) would have yielded this information - 
> very similar to the recent LDC bounty that was done without 
> contacting any of the LDC maintainers.

First of all, this is nothing like the LDC situation. That was 
something I absolutely should have contacted someone about, and 
when I was made aware of my mistake I apologized for it.

My inbox is a graveyard of unanswered emails. I can't count off 
the top of my head the things that have been delayed or that have 
never happened because of that. So in the interest of getting 
things done, when someone wants to put a bounty on an open issue, 
if I judge it to be a simple contribution (i.e., something that 
isn't dependent on existing work, or doesn't require special 
consideration/permission, etc) then I'm not going to email anyone 
about it. The very first step on this bounty is to summarize the 
commits for a changelog. I don't need to contact anyone for that. 
The last step is to ensure that a release tag is made. That means 
anyone pursuing the bounty would have to contact one of the 
maintainers at some point. Again, it's a simple contribution, so 
I treated it as I would any other open issue.

My mistake was assuming that because it's an open issue, it still 
hasn't been resolved. Had I checked the release tags and the 
dates, I would have seen that a release has since been made. But 
I didn't, so mea culpa.

However, our conversation could have gone like this:

You: Hey, Mike, I pushed out a release in September:

Me: Oh, okay, I'll see what else he wants to put the money 
toward. Thanks!

So yes, I will close the bounty and ask the donor where he wants 
me to direct the cash.

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