HTTP frameworks benchmark focused on D libraries

Imperatorn johan_forsberg_86 at
Mon Sep 21 05:48:54 UTC 2020

On Sunday, 20 September 2020 at 20:03:27 UTC, tchaloupka wrote:
> Hi,
> as it pops up now and then (last one in 
> I wanted to see the various D libraries performance against each other too and ended up with
> It's just a simple plaintext response testing (nothing fancy as 
> in Techempower) but this interests me the most as it gives the 
> idea about the potential of the library.
> More details in the README.
> Hope it helps to test some ideas or improve the current 
> solutions.
> Tom

Cool! Nice to see such good results for D. Did you try netcore 
3.1 btw? 🤔

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